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Sheyda Ahi, born on June 28th, 1980, pursued photography studies at Tehran Art and Architecture Azad University. She has a background as a cultural heritage photographer at the Research Centre for Conservation of Cultural Relics. She served as an executive team member for national and international cultural events and held roles in managing the Photography departments of Golestan Historical Palace and Niavaran Historical Palace. Additionally, Sheyda is the founder of Sheyda Gallery and Studio, a cooperative initiative aimed at promoting and supporting Iranian female designers.

Sheyda Gallery and Studio is dedicated not only to identifying and promoting Iranian designers but also to preserving Iranian culture and introducing it to the multicultural society of Canada. By curating and showcasing the work of talented Iranian female designers, the gallery strives to bridge cultures, foster appreciation for Iranian artistry, and contribute to a diverse, inclusive artistic landscape in Canada. Through exhibitions, collaborations, and educational outreach programs, Sheyda Gallery aims to create a platform that celebrates Iranian heritage and creativity while fostering cross-cultural connections in Canada.

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